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A Chance - New Opportunities for Adults. How Poland achieves Upskilling Pathways

The annual conference of the European Basic Skills Network was held online in 2020. The aim of the conference, entitled ‘Achieving Upskilling Pathways’, was to address the challenges posed by the recent events and follow up new developments in EU policy (EU Skills Agenda) and the results of implementation efforts of the Upskilling Pathways recommendation. The three-day event consisted of thematic workshops with presentations, followed by discussions and by interactivity on a number of platforms (e.g. Virtual Marketplace, Project Generation Facility), which were available for further dialogue, networking, partnership-building among participants.

Sylwia Walicka, from the Polish Educational Research Institute (IBE) talked about Poland's initiatives to address Upskilling Pathways recommendation fo the EU on the first day of the conference. 

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