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Career Guidance for the individual and for society

Norwegian society will face many significant challenges in the coming years. Access to high-quality career guidance services is crucial in times when change is necessary and transitions are ongoing. Most people will have to make multiple educational and career choices in the course of their lives. Career guidance has an impact for the individual in a situation where he or she has to make a choice, and is also a tool for directing society’s use of available labour.

The Norwegian economy is undergoing restructuring, accompanied among other things by a rise in unemployment. Career guidance is an effective tool in restructuring processes. There are many who will need information and guidance to varying degrees in order to deal successfully with restructuring. It can be difficult for individuals to figure out what they should do if they are unable to continue doing what they did before. There are many questions to answer: What are my options? What qualifications do I need to find a job in a certain industry? Can I use the skills I already have obtained or do I need more education to gain new skills? What kind of educational programmes are available and how can I finance my studies?

Read more (Governmental report, 2016, Norway)

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