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Canada – A Learning Nation A Skilled, Agile Workforce Ready to Shape the Future

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has triggered an economic crisis of epic proportions. It has accelerated the scope and pace of change beyond what any of us could have anticipated. In addition, it has brought to the forefront the systemic barriers that many people continue to face such as black and other racialized individuals, Indigenous Peoples, women, and persons with disabilities. It is driving questions about how we will build back stronger and ensure that recovery will address systemic discrimination and instill diversity, inclusivity and equity by design.

The Report of “Canada – A Learning Nation” has published on November 2020. The Future Skills Council Canada offers Canadians, governments and organizations nationwide this report to consider how to can start to improve their economic prospects into the next ten years. They have highlighted what they can do to ensure a skilled workforce by strengthening Canada as a learning nation for the benefit of all.

The report outlines five key priorities for building a learning nation, including specific recommendations for action:

Priority 1: Helping Canadians make informed choicesPriority 2: Equality of opportunity for lifelong learningPriority 3: Skills development to support Indigenous self-determinationPriority 4: New and innovative approaches to skills development and validationPriority 5: Skills development for sustainable futures

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