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Boosting social INclusion of migrants through CREAtive industries:Training courses for migrants combining language, entrepreneurial and digital skills learning

These training couses are designed to assist migrants in enhancing their language, digital and entrepreneurial skills with regards to creative industries’ requirements within European Societies. 

The content related to language skills aims in covering all the topics concerning the B1/B2 CEFR Language Framework, with main foucus on the entrepreneurial field and professional behaviour within a workplace. Migrants, after taking this course, will be in position to discuss familiar topics, to understand topics related to work, leisure and studies, to deal with situations they may confront when applying for a job, to produce simple texts on work related topics, to describe working experience and competences/skills, and finally to  communicate with their colleagues.

The purpose of  digital Skills course is encourage the use of Social Media and online marketing techniques for promotion of a business. It also focuses on the use of digital media in a working environment. More specific, digital skills content focuses on: the use of digital devices for everyday office tasks, the selection, learning and evaluation of new software, tools, websites etc, the understanding of a range of digital media, the creation of media resources, and information about Intellectual Property Right laws; Open Educational Resources; Open Access Publishing; Photo and Video Editing; Social Media Marketing etc. 

The Entrepreneurial Skills module comprises approaches to creative disciplines as well as soft and practical entrepreneurial competencies such as observing, developing a point of view, prototyping, and constant iteration, which are essential for the learners in order to create a basic mindset and be able to visualize an innovative idea to create, register and run successfully their own start-up business. After the completion of this course, migrants will be able to Identify the core characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset, to write a simple marketing plan, to handle social media for enhancing customer reach, to create an effective presentation for a business startup, to write a culture plan, and to understand basic finance and the inside obstacles threatening a startup. 

All INCREA courses are available in  English, Italian, French, Spanish, Slovenian, Greek while Digital and Entrepreneurial skills courses are also available in Arabic 

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