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The BBC and The Open University Oceans poster

The BBC and the Open University frequently collaborate on projects, notably Blue Planet II. They have released a poster that explores Earth’s different marine life, from the depths of the deep sea to the surface level, and consider the challenges faced due to environmental issues and the impact of man’s activities.

The Oceans poster is best suited for adult and higher education learners. It discusses complex scientific matters, the back covering such topics as ocean acidification, invisible plankton and the problems associated with plastic entering the ocean. The front features the different ocean depths and the marine life that can be found there, with beautiful illustrations of animals. Some of these animals are then discussed more extensively, with sections to the left hand side providing the reader with interesting facts. These include the angler fish, gulper eel and dugong. 

This resource will be most useful for teachers working in the marine biology or environmental science fields. Information is relatively easy to follow, but does contain some technical language that will be more familiar to those already studying marine biology.

Resources have also been created for other popular BBC programmes, including Civilisations – a history series focused on ancient civilisations; and Star Gazing Live guide – a guide to the constellations you can see in the night sky.


The Oceans poster has been incredibly popular and stocks of the printed version have run out. However, it is still available for download and can be used in a classroom setting or shared with students to study in their own time. 

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