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The learning resources presented here have been developed through an ERASMUS+ project for adult education entitled “TROPICSAFE: Medical transport of patients with tropical diseases in safe conditions” (Project Nº: 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005077) carried out between 2018 and 2020.

The TROPICSAFE project provides patient transport professionals an homogeneous training protocol at European level with normalized guidelines for a proper and safely transfer of patients with tropical diseases. 

The main beneficiaries of this project are sanitary transport workers, private companies, professional associations in the medical transport, trainers, Public and Private centers of training and health professionals, who can get access to this program. This way, we are in the process of achieving more homogeneous safety procedures throughout the EU member states.

TROPICSAFE project has developed a platform that offers a freely available training course on the use of PPE when transferring patients suffering from infectious diseases.

The course starts with basic hygiene measurements and includes up to full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use in HCID.

The course further includes background information on disease transmission and soft skills in communication to patients. The training works with audio-visual support including videos and graphics in order to better demonstrate the content and safety procedures. At the end of the e-learning platform, there is a self-test with questions and answers to evaluate the training process.

This course is available in four different languages including Latvian, Spanish, German, and English. The target group for this course is personnel working in the sector of patient transport, but also nursing staff and other health care professionals. Though general rules and strategies in the safe management of infectious disease transportation are proposed, it is evident that there are country-specific regulations that must be addressed before applying the here presented strategies. However, this training course is a freely available source to improve your security in using PPE and applying general rules of hygiene when transporting patients with infectious diseases.

The training consists of four modules, followed by test questions to verify the acquired knowledge. 

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All members of TROPICSAFE project:Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Germany; ANEA- Spanish Federation of Ambulances, Spain; SGS TECNOS- Spain; MURRAY AMBULANCE SERVICE Ltd.- Ireland; BIEDRIBA EUROFORTIS- Latvia
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