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Applying marketing research in marketing strategy formation: the case of secondary education in Croatia

Learning is one of primeval human instincts. It is not only the key for sustainable competitive advantage but also for survival. The kind of learning which results in competitive advantage is not limited by time, space or matter. A new approach to career development for individuals and corporations will be focussed at learning as an action-directed lifelong process where global partners work together on the production of positive, payable future for all . Accordingly, the concept of lifelong education as a “transitional education“ in modern society is suggested. It is seen as a link between demands of market competitiveness on one side and quality life on the other. Modern strategy of education is based on the principle of lifelong education . Education is becoming continuous throughout life, from youth up to old age, and is used as an attempt to foresee the knowledge needed in the future. Croatia lacks scientific thought and empirical studies as well as clearly elaborate expert criteria and also the system of performing lifelong education and adult education activity. Therefore, it is considered important to theoretically analyse marketing implementation in the field of lifelong education and adult education in Croatia, to which the subject of this presentation relates to.

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Zoran Mihanović
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Studies and Reports
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