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The teaching-learning dyad has incurred significant changes of dynamics as a result of the emergence of the information sharing medium which is the online education environment. One of these changes reflects a revisitation of andragogic approaches, as increasing numbers of adult learners enrol in ecourses, mainly for convenience reasons – they allow for information dissemination in a manner which satisfies their concrete professional needs, at a pace and in a time frame that can be easily fitted into their busy schedules. Relying on the andragogic principles developed by Malcolm Knowles, this paper sets to analyse them in the framework of foreign language learning, as the study of foreign languages might be one of the most challenging instruction areas for adult learners. Thus, the article first reviews some of the most frequently used methodologies of language teaching such as the communicative approach, grammar-translation, task-based learning, the natural approach or suggestopoedia. The aim of this appraisal is to detect which of them are most suited for adult students on the one hand and for virtual classrooms, on the other. Special emphasis is placed on the transformative learning theory advanced by Jack Mezirow, which is usually applied in adult education.

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Roxana Ștefania BÎRSANU1
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