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Adult education survey, 2016

High-quality and comprehensive data on participation in formal and non-formal education and training are essential to better streamline lifelong learning activities.The development of a comprehensive statistical information system for the labour market is one of the priority development goals of the State Statistical Office.

The Adult Education Survey, which was first implemented in 2016, provides important indicators for lifelong learning, which enable the evaluation and creation of future development policies with regard to lifelong learning and upgrading the capacities of the labour market participants.

The publication contains the results of this Survey, and presents data on participation in formal and non-formal education and training, access to information on learning possibilities, the average number of hours spent in education and training, activities financed by the employer, the will and the obstacles to participation in education and lifelong learning, the knowledge of foreign languages, according to the individual characteristics of the respondents and the types of educational activities.

The content of the publication is presented in two parts. The first part consists of the conceptual, methodological and organisational bases of the Adult Education Survey. The objective is, by using methodological explanations for some terms and characteristics, for sources of data and the scope of the survey, to facilitate the use of the data given in this publication.

The second part contains the final results of this Survey presented in tables.

The State Statistical Office hopes that this publication will meet its objective of providing the public and data users with the basic data on participation in formal and non-formal education and lifelong learning.

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