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Adult education in Lithuania

Adult education is not the only part of lifelong learning (LLL) in Lithuania, but it is an integral part. When discussing LLL, there is often a perception that this is primarily formal and/or non-formal adult education and learning. These two areas are often lumped together, and not only in Lithuania. For example, in Europe, the most frequently cited indicator of adult participation in learning is the Eurostat lifelong learning indicator, which shows the percentage of people between the ages of 25 and 64 who had education or training in the past four weeks. However, adult learning and lifelong learning should be viewed more broadly, because adult learning is for people from the age of 18 to their last breath, and lifelong learning – as the name implies – also includes people under 18.

The key legislation regulating adult education and learning in Lithuania is:

  • The Republic of Lithuania Law on Education;
  • The Republic of Lithuania Law on Vocational Education and Training;
  • The Republic of Lithuania Law on Higher Education and Research;
  • The Law on Non-Formal Adult Education;
  • The Programme for the Development of Non-Formal Adult Education and Continuous Learning for 2016–2023;
  • The Action Plan for the Development of LLL for 2017–2020.


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