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Activities for Digital Inclusion of Adults

This book integrates 20 activities with technologies specifically designed to promote digital literacy and inclusion, especially of adults with fewer opportunities to access and to use the potential of the technological development available today. The activities were created from the identification of situations where the adult citizen finds it difficult to exercise their autonomy by not knowing how to use digital technologies.

The primary beneficiaries of these activities are adult educators, social animators, trainers and social and educational staff and other professionals working in potential learning contexts, both formal and non-formal, involved in the mediation and implementation of actions aimed at audiences typically more excluded from the information society, namely: professionals responsible for cultural, educational and social fields in local administration offices, private social institutions, cultural and recreational associations, museums, universities, senior day centers, but also teachers and other educators.

The LIDIA Project, promoted by the Instituto de Educação, Universidade de Lisboa, was awarded with the Digital Literacy and Inclusion Prize, promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), to a proposal of extending the work conducted from 2011 to 2014 by the TACCLE2 Project - Teachers ' Aids on Creating Content for Learning Environments.

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Fernando Albuquerque Costa
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Open Educational Resources
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