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Active Minds Dementia Puzzles

Active Minds research and develop activities to improve the quality of life for people with dementia. As the population continues to age and add to the pressure felt by nursing and healthcare providers, Active Minds aims to develop activities that reduce depression and boredom in patients. They have created a collection of jigsaw puzzles that aim to spark positive memories in the heads of dementia sufferers and help to generate conversation around these memories. 

With 91% of carers stating that Active Minds activities improve wellbeing and reduce frustration in their patients, their products are well worth investigating if you work in mental health or with older patients who have dementia or face problems with their memory. Puzzles come in a range of sizes – some very simple with just 13 pieces and others more complex with 63 pieces. For those with severe symptoms, the smaller puzzles are more appropriate. 

Puzzles can be bought on the Active Minds website, which also supplies information about other games and activities. Some of the more striking puzzles include Monet’s Garden (63 pieces), Wheelbarrow (13 pieces) and Winter Snow (35 pieces). Many images are historical or take the viewer back to a previous period in history, making them particularly effective in older patients. There is even the opportunity to create your own puzzle using family photographs! Puzzles range between £7.49 and £30.00. 

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