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Active Businesses - Research on the state of HEPA promotion in enterprises

The Active Businesses project aimed to create a comprehensive based approach to tackle the issue of health and physical activity (HEPA), using the worksite as the most promising venue of delivery. ACTIVE BUSINESSES has become a comprehensive program of activities to be easily applied within different working environments in order to improve the health and physical conditions of workers, employees, entrepreneurs and managers.

The primary aim of this research was to identify the current situation, main needs and gaps in the field of psychical activity at the workplace and identify which types of workplace physical activity interventions are effective for different workforce sectors and types of workplace.  The research is mainly focused on five European countries - workplace in Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Italy and the United Kingdom, presenting countries that have a high rate of physical inactivity and agreed to cooperate together to implement the best practices into businesses in your own countries.  The aim is also to spread the information about the possibilities of implementation the physical activity at the workplace in every European country.  



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