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Action on Access (UK) Monthly eUpdate

First, as always, this edition brings you the current news and views and particularly this month about the new Office for Students as it be comes active at the end of the month.  In addition this month we have also picked up items regarding the post-18 education and fees review and the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students’ degree attainment gap.

People have been telling us that we should blow our own trumpet more often so here we go. Action on Access is very pleased to see the reflection of our valuable communication work in this week’s OFFA Review Report by Nursaw Associates, ‘Understanding the impact of OFFA’s approach to evidence and effective practice’, (see below), where “Many practitioners interviewed said they were aware of what is happening through the Action on Access information, rather than directly from OFFA. Many practitioners interviewed said they would not check the OFFA website unless prompted. The majority of interviewees are signed up to Action on Access …..” The report recommends greater engagement by OFFA (therefore we presume the Office for Students) with …”communications organisations such as Action on Access)… to help to communicate OFFA’s (OfS’s) messages to a wider audience.”

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