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The Acropolis Magazine – Issue 1

In ancient Athens the Acropolis, literally meaning the High City, was the place which supported the highest ideals of the people. The Acropolis magazine is inspired by this concept and aims to share eclectic content, combining all the major endeavours of philosophy, art, science, education and culture.

In this issue:

  • Current Affairs - Confinement! Living with philosophy
  • Art - The magic and mystery behind Ireland’s favourite painting
  • Philosophy for Living - Crisis
  • History - The Irish Renaissance
  • Movie Review – Bacurau (Brazil, 2019)
  • Music - Pachelbel’s canon in D Major



New Acropolis is an international organization working in the fields of philosophy, culture and volunteering. New Acropolis aim is to revive philosophy as a means of renewal and transformation and to offer a holistic education that develop both our human potential as well as the practical skills needed in order to meet challenges of today and to create a better society.



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