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12 Danish initiatives to get refugees off to a better start with non-formal adult education.

Get inspired! Everyone wins by ensuring that refugees get off to a good start for their new lives here in Denmark. As adult educators, we want to contribute to that end, and we are already well underway.

In this inspirational catalogue, you will find 12 articles that describe specific initiatives that non-formal adult education schools and associations have already implemented.

The initiatives reflect the diverse range of options that exist to get refugees off to a better start. There are some cases that show how we can help refugees learn more about the Danish language and our society and others that show how refugees can get training that helps them join the ranks of the Danish labour force. Finally, there are also cases that show how we can build bridges between our cultures and establish mutual acceptance and understanding through dialogue and social interaction.

If you would like to learn more about any of these initiatives, you are welcome to contact the organisers. Contact details are included in every article.

These 12 cases only represent a small sample of the many refugee-related initiatives that non-formal adult education schools and associations have going on today.  However, there is always room for more. We therefore hope that this inspirational catalogue will, as the name implies, inspire many new projects - both within the field of non-formal adult education and outside it.

Happy reading!

Kind regards,

Non-formal adult learning for refugees


Facebook page (Danish only): Folkeoplysning for Flygtninge

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