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Music and Cultural Awareness

Music and Cultural Awareness

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Purpose of group : 'Virtual Project'

Target audience :  National adult learning networks and infrastructures
Our team from Greeece, Turkey, Italy, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now well into the second phase of our Erasmus+ project, CAST4Innovation, the aim of which is to create an accessible and accredited online training course  on cultural awareness and diversity by August 2020.
This being so, we have decided to retain this community of practice in order to build up our virtual library of audio and video resources which can be drawn upon by present and future trainers. The course will consist of generic theoretical material and also specialist elective options in music, the arts, sport, cuisine,
Please feel free to upload material that you would like to share.
If you are not a member of the project team, you can view the details of the project on the Facebook page. "CAST4Innovation".
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