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Policy coherence in Adult Learning

Policy coherence in Adult Learning

From 2014 to 2015 the Working Group on Adult Learning developed key messages and policy recommendations for policy that strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and coherence of adult learning policies.


Adult Learning Policy Analysis Tool

The Adult Learning Policy Analysis Tool, developed by the European Commission brings together existing data on adult learning and continuing vocational education and training (CVET) and provides a central point of reference for monitoring and improving policy and performance in adult learning.

You can use this tool to:

        Map and compare the progress of your country in implementing its adult learning policies         Identify areas where further progress could be made in order to improve your national or regional policies         Monitor your country's performance in increasing participation in adult learning         Find out more about the study which informed this tool and the resources used

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Infographic: Improving coherence in adult learning policy
Report: Improving Policy and Provision of Adult Learning in Europe