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VET traineeships (VET learners) in the field of Mechanical/Electrical

Started by | Posted on Tue, 08/07/2018 - 19:14

Shipcon can host VET learners and accompanying staff for two weeks or more in the field of Mechanical/Electrical (compressor design, vibration, pulsation, machining, welding, electrical protection, high voltage)

Learners can take part in a traineeship abroad lasting up to 12 months. They can spend time in a work place to gain real life experience or at a VET school where they will also spend time in industry or with another relevant organisation or enterprise. Each project can last either one or two years and organisations can apply for funding to support the mobility activities. The duration of the traineeship placement can be between two weeks and twelve months.
The program includes:- Transfer to and from the airport;- Full board accommodation;- Introduction seminar;- Work orientation sessions;*- Cultural activities;*- Tutoring and mentoring;- Monitoring and evaluation;- Europass Mobility.
Work orientation sessions* – they are usually carried our during morning hours. The exact amount of hours per day will be decided in collaboration with the sending institution and the accompanying staff; however, it is normal practice for VET learners to have 2-3 hours work sessions per week day.
Cultural activities* – there will be two cultural trips during a two week period mobility for VET learners & staff.

Who can apply?

Any VET organisation sending staff abroad, or the co-ordinator of a national mobility consortium. We strongly advise you to read the Erasmus+ Programme Guide for full eligibility criteria. Please note that each organisation can only apply for one Key Action 1 VET mobility project per funding Call. However if an organisation or institution is involved in more than one consortium, it could apply more than once.

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