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Tracce - Tracks -School education

Started by | Posted on Mon, 01/13/2020 - 15:02

General objectiveThe project aims to explore new educational models apt to motivate the learning process in schools.

The main point of the proposal is the idea of an ​​"outdoor school", an outdoor way of teaching that engages students in “field studies” to collect information useful for developing knowledge and for reflection.

The entire project is set up with the strategies of the flipped classroom and the cooperative learning process.

The project will make students literally walk along a long road through the heart of Europe that touches the venues of important historical events,  helping them value discoveries rather than close themselves towards goals to be reached.

Implementation hypothesis

The locations and the historical events on which to focus are choices that we would like to share and agree with partners.

As a first hypothesis, we imagine that the project could be carried out by five partners located in Italy (applicant), France, Germany, Poland and Spain.

According to our proposal, the search for tracks in the countries involved is expected to follow a temporal development, so as to give students the opportunity to build, in addition to historical tracks, a network of connections between the different countries, with a view to achieving a unified vision of European history.  

The suggested tracks:Italy: The Ancient ages-  The ‘Via degli Dei’- Florence

Spain: The Middle ages-  The Jewish and Islamic quarters of Cordoba

Germany: The Renaissance – The Luther way - Leipzig

France: The Enlightenment -  the measurement of the terrestrial meridian - Carcasonne

Poland: The Contemporary age – Gdansk

We are well open to alternative proposals from partners.

The project would be a Strategic Partnership - Development of Innovation, which entails, among other things, the development of a handbook that will summarize the methodological features of the experience and will serve as a guide for school institutions willing to get involved in similar activities.

(Please use all three contacts to be sure to get in touch with us)

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