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We are a Foundation which working action are non-profit. 

We have developed a series of online training courses in order to help people who are part of other non-profits to make their activity better. 

Our educational trainings are from management of associations to communication management or budgering...

The Foundation started its activity because it found there was no training or information for non profits, not proffesional one. There was a gap and we found an opportunity. Our aim is to help build better associations which in Spain, for example, has different legislation. 

The idea of our investigation is to get to know other organisations or training centers or connections in Europe with similar working activity in other to share experiences, good practices and make a network.

You can find more information about what we do in our website:

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Fundacion Gestion y Participacion Social
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Exchange of ideas/best practice
Job shadowing
'Virtual’ project

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