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Vodcast Academy: A bridge between tradition and innovation.


NEXT HERO Association has in its objectives to establish a digital cultural hub dedicated to the spreading, promotion and creation of new technologies as a founding base for a better education in a formal, as well as a non-formal fashion, Supporting the grouping of youths as well as promoting and developing creativity and education among younger generations through everyday knowledge and skills. NEXT HERO carries ahead an innovative project keen on the future of the next generations: Vodcast Academy. With Vodcast Academy we want to teach how to communicate in the digital world and realize the biggest European Vodcast network dedicated to cultural sharing and learning with the help of immersive, innovative digital systems. Vodcast Academy is going to be a platform to produce and share video podcast on, as well as audio essays, in order develop formation courses, but not limiting to that, we’ll tell personal experiences both academic and professional, following the trends of the moment.


Our main objective is giving anybody the possibility to learn digital skills necessary to create any Vodcast, through a professional method. We’ll teach all the ins and outs of the production process, from the conception to the recording systems and techniques as well as editing and uploading on various platforms. Provide a workflow is fundamental in order to maintain a high-quality content production in the community, a fundamental trait that is usually absent in other platforms. Besides producing our own formats, that are going to be promoted on the platform, we’ll make a selection on the content already present on the web; so, we’ll commit to find the best content creators, with a particular attention on YouTube. This approach will be useful to draw near students and experts of the industry. It’s imperative to understand that any theme can be treated in a vodcast, educationally as well as in an entertaining way.

Priorities: Digital Dimension; Inclusion and Diversity.

Themes and Target: We want to start from the youth, students between 17 and 25 years old: we’ll explain the life of a citizen of the European Community.  Will be given tips to the students on how to interact in a foreign context and how to visualize their career with a scope as large as Europe. Every given topic will involve the detailing and creation of local specialized operative teams among the participating countries, which will acquire specific skills based on new medias, essential for any type of career.

Partnership Agreement: In the start-up phase the main operative centre, as much as advanced podcast editing is concerned, even when produced in other countries, will be located in Italy, in order to simplify content simplicity and coherence. Most of all, to give students time to learn how to properly use the equipment and get into Vodcast Academy’s workflow. Adhering partners have to present an available space to record vodcasts into, additionally they must acquire the skills necessary to the production of such media, as well as promote the activities and share the results. If you are interested, contact us at:

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