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Search for partners KA201 for the exchange of practices on the digitalization of sequences of training; their impact on the relation trainers / learners, the certification of the skills of the persons in charge projects and engineering in training

Started by | Posted on Mon, 11/26/2018 - 18:47

The Centre Académique de Formation Continue of Bordeaux (CAFOC) is a department of the Groupement d’Intérêt Public, Formation Continue, Insertion professionnelle of Aquitaine (GIP-FCIP of Aquitaine). The Chancellor of Regional Education Authority is its chairman.

The CAFOC is part of the same continuing training network as the GRETAs. The CAFOC implements training activities to professionalize the different actors who organize training programs for adults in relation with all kinds of occupations. The training centers are part of the French National Education (Education Nationale).

Since 1975, the CAFOC of Bordeaux has been a laboratory in terms of educational innovation in adult training. It offers different training modalities to foster the professionalization of trainers, tutors (within businesses) and managers.

Since 1993, the CAFOC of Bordeaux implements a training program which allows the development of of skills linked to pedagogical engineering and training tools, training engineering and innovation, and how to manage a training organization.

The CAFOC of Toulouse and Montpellier also implement this training program and participate in its educational engineering process.

All along these years, this training program has been constantly evolving as regards to its contents, its modules and its name, taking into account the evolutions of training jobs.

It was registered with the competent office called Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles by decree on the 25th of February 2016 and published in the Official Journal on the 17th of March 2016, classified at level 2 of French diplomas and level 6 of the EU classification.

This training program is adapted to people who want to retrain in another type of job by following the entire program or only modules, or people who already work in training jobs. They are given the opportunity to improve their skills by means of a personalized training program.

The qualification can be obtained through the accreditation of prior experience, through a final exam, or a combination of both systems.

Today digital economy and society open up unexpected opportunities. These changes must be anticipated so that training professionals are able to develop and certify new or emergent skills to face the impacts of environmental and organizational transformations.

In addition, the CAFOC of Bordeaux wishes to digitalize some part of its training program to face new consumer behavior such as an increasing demand for customized and individualized learnings.

That’ why the CAFOC searches for partnerships that will enable exchanges of best practices on such themes as:

Training sequences on an electronic formImpact of digitalization on the relationship between trainers and trainees ; place of the trainer in the learning process ; developing the skills of the trainersImpact on the certification of skills of the future “responsables projets et Ingénierie en formation”.

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GIP FCIP d'Aquitaine - Département CAFOC de Bordeaux
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