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Public Health: Laboratory work

Started by | Posted on Tue, 01/29/2019 - 14:22

We want to find partners who are from Europe and whose activity is Public Health. We are an accredited institution. We are based on the protection the health of population in our country as well as the health factors which causes the issue. 

We want to find partners with the same activity as we have, with laboratories which are testing water, air polutants,  food, dietary supplements, etc. 

The Institute is a specialized Health institution that explores the challenges which are danger for health population in the community. 

In the focus of our activities and our work is people's health and factors like behavior, lifestyle, health care, conditions and enviroment factors, the causative agents of infectious diseases and program work on their prevention, social- economics and cultural characteristics. 

Since 2005,  the Institute has a certified quality managment system according to SRPS ISO 9001 standard. 

We are an accredited institution by The Accreditation Body of Serbia which issued a decision, according to which the Institute of Public Health Kragujevac confirms more than 400 parametrs of sampling and testing water, waste water, food, dietary supplements, some objects for general use, air and measurement of the noise according to the requiriments of standard SRPS ISO 17025:2006. 


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