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Partners for Nordplus mobility project

Started by | Posted on Mon, 10/29/2018 - 13:04

We are looking for partners for Nordplus mobility project.

We are Regional Education centre of Gulbene Regional library. We have 2 aims - a) professional development of librarians and b) lifelong learning for local inhabitants of Gulbene's region.

a) There are 19 libraries in Gulbene's region, where 35 librarians are working. Our Regional Education centre provides professional development for librarians (lectures, workshops, materials) about wide range of themes like information searching, databases, library budget, study of local history, services of library, library collection and leadershib of library. In this year we created a proffesional development program (36h), which is licenced in Gulbene Municipality.

b) Lifelong learning: in Regional Education centre at this moment we have 4 licenced programms for local inhabitants of Gulbene's region.

  1. Study of local history and cultural heritage(6h)
  2. Study of computer and internet (16 h)
  3. E-service and e-commerce options (4h)
  4. Electronic resources and information searching (6h)

Our target groups: workers, seniors, businessman, youngsters, self-employers, employees of municipality, librarians, students.

We would like to collaborate with educational centres (not with vocational centres), libraries, lifelong learning centres (with non-formal education programms).

Exchange of pedagogical staff: we would like to observe and learn what methods other learning centres and libraries are using in work with adults(starting from planning, organising, advertising and actual process of different events).

We would like to gain new experience and learn other methods that are productive in work, at the same time, we would be happy to share our own expierience.

There are 7834 inhabitants in Gulbene (in our region 22 066), and we must be quite creative in order to find new ways, methods and themes that are useful that would attract people to our Educational centre. One of the biggest issues in our work is to find new ways how to explain people that they really need our programms and that they should not be shy or lazy and must take part in them.

Gulbene Regional library is one of the keeper of cultural heritage and in our Educational centre we popularize it with our programms, for example, Study of local history and cultural heritage (we show people different ways and databases how and where to look for a certain informations, for example, the roots of your own family).

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