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partner search KA220 VET Green transition

Started by | Posted on Fri, 04/30/2021 - 12:59

The project idea that we are developing is based on the experience gained by Association "Terra Metelliana" APS - Legambiente in training youth on environmental education. In light with the European Green New Deal which poses great attention on the green transaction and environmental sustainability across all the productive sectors, the project idea that we would like to carry on is based on training of youth on green transaction issues and linking the VET system with the job market by engaging students and companies in finding green/sustainable solutions and approaches to business challenges in the fields of mobility, food, energy, building.

About the partner search profile, we are looking for centres of competences specialised on ecological transition across Europe to join the project which could bridge the gap between the young people (VET students) and the businesses by providing training, supporting youth in generating innvative ideas to address the environmental challenges faced by companies and supporting the implementation of internships opportunities

contact: for more info

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