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New reliable artistic organization is looking for a partnership. KA220 and 210

Started by | Posted on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 15:23

ArtHouse is an artistic organization based in Bratislava, dedicated to helping young people and adults with different backgrounds to find themselves in the field of fine arts and photography, express their emotions and feelings and promote social inclusion of every vulnerable group.  We support the non-formal education and creative soft skills development of youth and adults in order to be able to adapt and integrate effectively in modern society. We aim to contribute to society through lifelong learning in accordance with the current requirements of the labor market. 

We wish to enhance people's talents, creativity, social inclusion, and the acceptance of cultural diversity through intercultural learning. We help people to develop and execute their ideas and initiatives into concrete projects and we tend to develop their creativity, strengths, and social skills.

ArtHouse is a creative non-profit organization with a focus on: 

  •  Photo and video skills development and Marketing 
  •  Fine Arts and Graphic design training.
  •  Youth work and Erasmus+ opportunities promotion.
  •  Gastronomy, sustainable cooking industry, and zero-waste food lifestyle.
  •  Creativity, Psychology, and Soft-Skills 

Contact us by email 

Pavlo Borsai

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