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Looking for Partners in Pesticide Exposure and Vectorial Diseases

Started by | Posted on Tue, 11/23/2021 - 14:04

Due to the climate changes seen in recent years, the area of incidence and the rate of spread of vectorial diseases have changed in favor of the disease. Therefore, the rate of vectorial diseases in the communicable disease burden is increasing. These vectorial diseases negatively affect both human and animal health. These diseases are mostly seen in those who live, work and travel to rural, agricultural or forested areas. Given the increasing human mobility today, many biogeographies will be at risk. In particular, people engaged in agricultural activities are more vulnerable groups against vector creatures (mosquitoes, ticks, etc.) and their incidence is higher. At the same time, the potential to transmit the disease is high. For this reason, it is very important to inform and raise awareness about the protection of people who will engage in agricultural activities from vector and vector diseases. In addition, people engaged in agricultural activities are in an important risk group in terms of pesticide exposure. Unconscious pesticide applications (lack of knowledge about dosing, timing, equipment, expert personnel) seriously threaten human and environmental health. The project involves face to face survey, increasing awareness and adult education program for certain groups. If your work area is related to above mentioned subjects from university, government agency or with background activity in the area please send an e-mail.

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