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Kashubian Pomeranian Association was created on 2nd of December 1956. It started from the needs of Kashubians to have their own organization that would protect and care for the development of their community. Nowadays it’s a modern public benefit organization with extensive structures. What is more it’s  one of the biggest non-governmental organization and the biggest in the history of Kashubian movement. The objectives of the Kashubian Pomeranian Association are: awakening the initiative for cultural, social and economic development of Kashubia, Kociewie and the whole Pomerania, shaping democratic relations in the region, developing Kashubian Pomeranian social and political thought and spreading the knowledge of the region’s traditions in the society. Kashubian Pomeranian Association organizes or co-organizes many competitions, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and festivals devoted to Pomerania. The largest event organized regularly are annual conventions to celebrate the reunification of Kashubia in one Pomeranian voivodeship. Kashubian Pomeranian Association is also a publisher of numerous books on regional issues.

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