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Started by | Posted on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 17:55

Great People Inside is a very powerful tool for HR people in their activities of placement, promotion, self-improvement, coaching, succession planning, job description development, training, and organizational management diagnosis.

Our innovation give you opportunity to create your own templates. Great People Inside is fully customized assessment based on 129 dimensions in personality, cognitive, interest, management, sales, values, well being, customer service, leadership etc.

Our clients find very attractive its features:

1.High Mobility: GPI is an Internet integrated system, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by several users simultaneously, using computers connected to Internet, java software and API connection

2.High Quality: The system provides very accurate reports, using assessment products validated worldwide, created by psychologists from the American Psychology Association and Romanian Association of Psychology

3.High Customization: GPI uses Job Profiling, the ultimate job success predictor. Job Profiling Match are important because they allow you to match the individual attributes of people with the qualities important to success in specific jobs. Studies have shown that Job Profiling Match is a more accurate predictor of job success than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or training.

4.Multiple-languages reports: Assessments may be taken in one language while the reports can be generated in any of the languages provided by the system. Here are some of the benefits brought to your company by using this system:

• Proper job matched staff

• Adequate organizational structure

• Top performers identification

• Efficient work flow

• Reduced human resources related costs by up to 80% The system can stand for the basis of any policy related to Human Resources Management that you are going to put in place.

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