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English language school seeking partners for projects on language learning

United Kingdom.
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We are an English language school in the UK searching for organisatons who are fitting for projects on the topics of language learning and digital education. We will be submitting them for the October 29th call for Strategic Partnerships for Digital Readiness in VET

**Please note that we will give partner preference to those organisations who are also willing to include Eurospeak in their proposals in order to maximise our chances of success!** 

Below are short descriptions of each project: 

1. Safety VET - online language learning safety learning for VET. This project aims to develop the digital competences of language teachers and language learners, educate language learners on the types of digital dangers and their consequences, build the digital capacity of language teachers and language trainers to recognise and proactivelyaddress online safety issues, and enhance critical thinking amongst language teachers and learners relating to online languagelearning safety. 

2. Improving Communicative Competence from a Distance - an innovative app and corresponding teaching materials that will upskill language teachers in the formulaic language approach. The project's goals are to develop teaching materials that focus on formulaic language, to further engage learners from a distance by using authentic materials from the target language, and to develop their communicative competence even without access to/interaction with native speakers. 

3. The Virtual teacher: new methods for adapting face-to-face teaching to the digital world. This project aims to upskill foreign language teachers to digital education -  whilst there is an abundance of language online teaching courses aimed at on-line language teachers, there are few that seek to overcome the challenges faced by teachers that have little experience of using technology in their classrooms. The project will be geared toward the target group of reluctant or non-tech-savvy online teachers. 

It is absolutely essential that your organisation specialises in one of the following areas: - language learning - VET - Technical development (for creating the innovative outputs) 

If you are interested in any of our projects, please send us an email with your PIF as well an offer of a mutually beneficial partnership if possible. 

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