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CPIA 1 Siena is looking for partners for KA1 mobilities and is available for KA2 partnerships

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Dear all,

the CPIA 1 Siena is looking for European partners to participate in Erasmus+ KA1 about the mobility of the staff and we are also available for KA2 strategic partnerships.

At the moment we are preparing a KA1 project and we are looking for host institutions in European countries to organize job shadowing activities and we would like to include also training courses about teaching methodologies and systems of recognising credits to the students.


Description of the institution


The CPIA (Provincial Center for Adult Education) is an institution which belongs to the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. It provides courses for adults and young adults who have not completed their compulsory education or who do not have the qualification of the first cycle of education, in the perspective of lifelong learning, in order to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to become active citizens and face the changes of society.


The CPIA is an autonomous educational institution with a specific organizational and educational structure, and is organized into a network of Territorial Services. It is organized to establish close contacts with local authorities, with the world of work and the professions. The CPIA is a training institution accredited by the Tuscany region and it has achieved a certification of quality.


In relation to the specific users, the courses of adult education have been reorganized in literacy and learning the Italian language courses and first-level courses.

The CPIA provides:

- Courses of literacy and Italian language aimed at obtaining a certification of at least A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;

- Course of first level - first educational period aimed at obtaining a certification of the first cycle of education (former middle secondary school);

- Course of first level - second educational period aimed at obtaining a title certifying the acquisition of basic skills related to compulsory education.


In addition to institutional courses, the CPIA Siena also offers short courses of foreign languages (English and Spanish) and ICT at various levels, based on the educational needs expressed by the territory.

The CPIA 1 Siena is also responsible for prison education at the District Prison of Siena "S.Spirito" and at the high security prison of San Gimignano "Ranza".

The Headmaster pro-tempore is Professor Manuela Becattelli and the offices are located in Poggibonsi (SI) in Via Garibaldi 30/32.


CPIA 1 Siena participated in the Gundtvig Partnership “Second Chance” during the school years 2013-2105, a strategic partnership about education in prison.




Contact person: Rossella Lussone

Teacher and coordinator of European projects


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Request valid until
Sat, 12/01/2018 - 01:00
Type of activity
Exchange of ideas/best practice
Job shadowing
Discussing ideas

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