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Are you looking for a reliable and experienced Erasmus+ KA2 partner?

Started by | Posted on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 11:31

We are an Italian institute based in Torino looking for new opportunities of international collaboration (

We are involved in social research, training and participatory processes as part of local, national and international projects addressing lifestyles and health promotion. Combining skills in sociology, psychology, education and science of happiness, we offer consultancy and methodological support to public and private organizations in all phases of a project, from needs assessment to dissemination.

We work for different organizations (such as local health services, universities, municipalities, private companies, public bodies and schools) to spread new welfare policies and to promote wellbeing of workers and environment.

In the last years we have developed many projects on Resilience and Antifragility in different contexts to help individuals and teams to increase their capability to thrive and flourish as a result of stressors, weakness, mistakes or failures. This approach, based on different theories from positive psychology, biology, physics and economics, helps people to “use” crisis and stress in a proactive way, bringing out new skills and new opportunity from difficulties.

We are available as partners, to set up

  • research
  • training
  • supporting
  • empowering
  • caregiving

projects to help workers from different organizations (included schools, public services and private enterprises) to improve antifragility and to be enabled to cope and face trials and challenges of contemporary world.

We offer a team of professionals and a set of different skills, a consolidate experience and a large net of contributors.

Partnership Details
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Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership (Key Action 2)
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Adult education provider
National, Regional or local government organisation
Organisation specialised in learning or career guidance
Research organisation or a think-tank
Looking for new consortium members
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Development of training courses
Key competences development
Physical and mental health, well-being
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Individual learning mobility of adult learners
Teaching or training assignments
Hosting teachers and educators in training
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Development of key competences
Inclusion and diversity
Digital transition in education and training
Mobility direction
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