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B-Creative is an association that are developing courses, event, workshops in different topics such as language learning, virtual travelling, education concepts and cultural concepts.B-Creative have a large network in Sweden and in Europe with NGOs, education organisations and a...
Centre for flexible learning (CFL) is situated in Söderhamn, a coastal city in the rural northern part of Sweden. CFL has about 60 full time staff and 900 students in part- or fulltime studies on various levels, from basic education up to higher VET and university level. CFL is ...
Eu Diaspora Council, hereinafter EDC, is a non-profit organization active at local, national and international level. It represents and supports the interests of youth organizations and uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact, in particular, on young people. ...
We in Igitego are a non-religious, as well as non-political, ideal association that works creatively with sustainable integration. Through our work on sustainable integration, we help people to create their own plan for a better life in the new home country-Sweden. We also work ...