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We are a French social economy company that promotes international exchanges with the au pair program. We collaborate with more than 40 organizations in the world.  We are involved in the subjects of upskilling for adults in transversal and digital skills, on equal opportunities...
Since 2002, ACTA VISTA has been combining labour market integration with the preservation of endangered historical heritage sites.  We aim to empower people experiencing difficult circumstances to build a future through employment, training, and different kinds of individual sup...
Fondée en 1907, l’Ufcv est une association nationale de jeunesse et d’éducation populaire à but non lucratif. Reconnue d’utilité publique, elle est agréée association éducative complémentaire de l’enseignement public. 
The Tangram Company is the decompartmentalization of genres, an adventurous and accessible music carried by images, the will to mix audiences as well as the disciplines through the abundant and varied creations of the OZMA ensemble. The company was created in 2010 at the initia...
Created in 2017, Globeconteur is a citizen organization acting to amplify sensitive transmission of life stories between generations and cultures. Indeed, through the pretext of collecting life stories, we:
CEMEA is a New/Progressive Education movement, an association of popular education, a training organisation working on Youth fields, formal and non-formal education, social work, culture and international questions. The main goal of the association is to share the principles of ...