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"EDU 365" is NGO devoted to informal education of all population groups . We promote lifelong learning, informing citizens about  17 SDGs, about healthy living. We intend to improve digital literacy of all population groups.We are founded in 2020th , but founders and  members ar...
NGO interested in the change of education and support to the gifted individuals of all ages.A team of associates from different professional fields, including more than 40 PhDs and University professors of the Universities of Novi Sad and Belgrade;Activities of the organization ...
Association of Lawyers  AEPA is voluntary, professional, nongovernmental, non partisan organization established for accomplishing goals in the field of Law and promotion of legal profession and advancenent of other social sensitive groups.
Agricultural School „Šumatovac“ in Aleksinac (Serbia) was founded in 1990 and is the only agricultural school in Nisavski district. The school has about 250 students.The school educates students in multiple educational profiles in the areas of work - Agriculture, Food Production...
The Timok club is a non-profit and non-political citizens’ association founded in 1997 in Knjazevac.The Timok club goal is the promotion of ecologically safe, social and economical development of the Eastern Serbia.Until now there have been realized more then 80 different projec...
Serbian association of Andragogists (SAA) is voluntary, non-government and non-profit professional association, founded in 2010. It assembles all andragogists interested for affirmation of profession and promotion of Life Long Learning (LLL). SAA have more than 300 registered me...