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France Bénévolat is a national network dedicated to the volunteers’ welcome and guidance, created in 2003 and officially granted the status of Public Utility in 2010   Our aim Promote involvement in order to develop an active citizenship. Volunteering is central in building ...
L’Agence Erasmus+ France / Education Formation assure, pour la France, la gestion et la promotion des volets éducation et formation du programme européen Erasmus+. Le programme Erasmus+ a pour principaux objectifs de permettre à tous les citoyens l’acquisition de compétences et...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Herzegovina University was founded in 2010 and it is located in Mostar and Međugorje. It is the first and oldest privately licensed and accredited university in Hercegovina.
Enseñanzas Modernas es una organización que se dedica principalmente a la formación de personas adultas en diferentes materias formativas, salud, medio ambiente, deportes, administración, comercio, etc. Formación profesional para el empleo. Somos un centro acreditado por diferen...