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OSENGO est une organisation à but non lucratif, organisme spécialiste dans la formation professionnelle continue, membre de la Fédération de la formation professionnelle professionnelle (FFP), créé en 1981 et propose près de 30 sites de formation permanents implantés sur 4 grand...
Starting-Block is a french non- profit organisation that promote citizenship and solidarity. Our actions promote the discovery of other cultures and other ways of thinking and the development of critical thinking.
Valang consulting is an ambitious new company presenting the following areas of expertise: training, business administration and real estate. valang consulting is based in Annemasse (Haute-Savoie), near Lake Geneva and the Alps. With an experienced business controller and quali...
INSA Rouen Normandie is an Higher Education Institution, that operates under France’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.   The mission statement of INSA Rouen includes::
Centre Social et Culturel implanté dans les quartiers prioritaires de la ville de Mulhouse en Alsace, Le CSC Jean Wagner, agréé Jeunesse et Education Populaire, compte 44 salariés répartis en 3 grands secteurs d'activités : - Multi-accueil (0-3 ans) - Pôle Enfance Jeunesse (3-1...
ARIA2e2d, a non benefits association, helps to start projects out of common activities and politico-economical values. It works more with valorization of work, gifts of services and skills than with money. All its projects are shaking our way of life, our habits, our limits ...