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Youth Bridges Foundation


The Youth Bridges Foundation was founded in 2018 by three youth workers in order to help young people to deal with challenges of the 21st century, with special regard to skill-oriented learning, development of transferable and intercultural competencies, encourage active citizenship both national and international level, prevent youth alienation and support early career planning.

To achieve these goals, we will organize events like thematic walks, trainings, workshops, lectures; provide a professional framework for volunteering and mentoring services for international volunteers; and career counselling.

The members of the organisation have different professional background (social studies, adult education and career counselling, tourism management) and participation and/or work experience with the following programs.

We speak advanced English, elementary Turkish and German.

We have experience and intent to take part in project development and implementation of Erasmus+ mobility, strategic partnership and innovation projects, V4 Fund projects, Europe for Citizens projects, Creative Europe projects, etc. We are also very open to cooperate with Erasmus+ partner countries.

The members have extensive national and international social relationships with NGO’s and young people. We have good experience in partnership building, proper communication with partners, management and administrative procedures.



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