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Cihanbeyli District National Education Directorate is the center of all education and training affairs of the district. All schools in our district are affiliated with our directorate. There are kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools and adult education institutions affiliated to our institution.

Cihanbeyli District National Education Directorate is an institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education and is the highest unit in the district where all education works.

Cihaneyli district has a population of 53,000 and is 98 km away from Konya city center.

 Our institution building is in the district center and 1 manager 3 branches

A manager, 3 cooks, 9 civil servants and 2 caregivers work in our institution. There are 73 educational institutions affiliated to Cihanbeyli District National Education Directorate.

These are 2 kindergartens, 31 primary schools, 23 secondary schools and 14 high schools. In addition to these, there is a Public Education Center that provides adult education, a Vocational Education Center that provides training in the field of Vocational expertise, and a Guidance and Research Center for special education and guidance services. It has a total of 76 educational institutions. 589 teachers work in these institutions. In our institutions where 9873 students receive education, there are also foreign students who need special education.

Students studying in these institutions are studying in kindergartens between 3-6 years old, in primary school between 7-10 years old, in secondary school between 10-13 years old and in high schools between 13-17 years old.  

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