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TEAM4Excellence is a not-for-profit NGO from Constanta, Romania, and EFQM National Partner Organization for Romania. Our team involves young people and adults, MBA and PhD managers, technicians, admin staff, teachers, youth workers, trainers and researchers.

We have accredited Project Management Professionals (PMP) with extensive experience in EU projects taken from initiation to closing and completed at the required cost, quality and time. Our president is a board member of 2 state agencies and project evaluation expert of the European Commission for market uptake projects. Our VP is Dean at Constanta Maritime University and also international project evaluation expert.


We are very active in:

Our websites are: for (Erasmus+) projects and for domestic training, consulting and assessments.


Our OID number is E10151316. The details of our lead project manager are available here:

The paragraphs below refer to our strategy, organizational capabilities, core competences, key partnerships and resources and main activities.



We improve the socio-economic conditions and all aspects of the quality of life through education, research and consulting to address societal challenges. We produce and transfer knowhow through cooperation with domestic and international social, academic and business partners.

We are active in youth and adult work by promoting mobility of staff, young people and youth workers, voluntarism, diversity, equality, tolerance, involvement, participation, engagement and empowerment and by helping these to gain additional knowledge, attitudes, transversal competences and skills.

The objectives are:

  1. Providing learning opportunities and career advice to improve social inclusion, development and employability of young people and adults.
  2. Equipping youth workers, trainers and volunteers with key competences and skills to foster personal and professional development of young people, adults and professionals.
  3. Fostering local and international collaboration between youth, adults, youth workers, trainers and various public, private, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.
  4. Promoting the recognition of youth work, lifelong learning and non-formal education.

In achieving our goals and objectives, we have set out our core values on three pillars: professionalism, service of stakeholders and collaborative partnership. As such, by professionalism we understand integrity, ethical standards, confidentiality, strategic perspective and independent view. The second pillar means for us an orientation towards assisting stakeholders to improve their performance and productivity. Our third pillar of values is related to creating a balanced collaboration platform for people and organisations and policy makers.

We have embedded our values into the organisational culture and structure, by adhering to the principles of UN Global Compact and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The set values materialise into our ethics in day-by-day activities.

At T4E, we seek to contribute to a sustainable future by involving in the personal and professional development of young generations, in order to address the need for a competent workforce of the economy. In this regard, we believe that young women, people with fewer opportunities including NEETs and those with the risk of marginalisation, migrants and those coming from migrant families are a valuable pool for young talents.


Guided by the strategic intent of promoting the best management practices in Romania, T4E has become member and national partner of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). For the past 25+ years, EFQM is the repository of the Excellence Model which they have refined and incrementally adapted to stakeholder needs. As national partner, T4E has access to a global network of national partners and, through those, to about 30,000 organisations in Europe and many more globally. The national networking of T4E includes public institutions such as schools, universities, local and central authorities, and private firms of various sizes and from several industries. We cooperate with these in long term relationships and as project-based associated partners.

In addition, T4E has access to a wide range of good management practices shared by organisations from the Excellence Network, and to numerous high-value materials, such as: training materials, generic assessment tools, examples of management documents, user guides, member newsletters, articles, white papers, good practice visits to members and periodic webinars.

Through the professional membership of members, T4E has access to a tremendous amount of high quality resources from UK and US organisations, including PMI, CIMA, IAM, IMarEST, AMBA, Energy Institute, ScienceDirect, Web of Knowledge and CMI (Management Direct, the largest Management Portal). In addition, T4E members are members of John Maxwell’s university of leadership, which has dedicated materials and teaching methods suitable for young people, youth workers and youth organisations.

In terms of physical resources, T4E benefits from resources shared by the founding members and their enterprises. Available resources include offices, conference room, ICT tools including computers, servers, coding software, etc. Also, T4E has entered a collaboration with a professional accounting firm (C&P) to ensure financial legal compliance and sustainable operations. T4E is being independently audited for regulatory compliance.

T4E has access to the competences (organizational knowledge, skills and experience of key personnel) and resources (processes and physical resources) necessary to carry out EU projects that contribute to development of youth, adults, youth workers, volunteers and trainers.


ADULT, VET, YOUTH WORK. T4E work addresses adults, learners from schools, VET schools, universities and those with fewer opportunities (including NEETs). For them we hosted events, trainings, conferences, panels, seminars, workshops, discussions, offering internships, designing individual career plans. Our youth benefited from training for personal development, goal setting and using ICT tools.

SUPPORTING ADULT/VET/YOUTH WORKERS. We offer mentoring, coaching, support for organising seminars, speaking at youth conferences, multimedia production. We assist organisations with consulting for their strategy, processes, project management and with support for local interventions and campaigns.

RESEARCH. T4E carried out secondary and primary researches using online questionnaires and interviews (for business, education, adults and youth needs) and published the results in academic articles and newsletters. We actively participate in advancing the management discipline, by participating in developing the EFQM Model.

Domestically, we have developed a local network of small and large, public and private organisations. We add value to these by conducting surveys for b2b and b2c customers, employing direct and digital data collection and analysis methods to collect data from (potential) customers, finding the best solutions in the given organizational setting and market conditions, helping startups to develop new products and services and helping startups to get their first client.

TOURISM is a dynamic sector especially at the Black Sea; therefore we support the gastro culture and heritage tourism (including restaurants, wine makers, etc.) to grow sustainably using the Excellence Model toolbox.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP. In alignment with its objectives, T4E took initiative in the area of business and entrepreneurship. Thus, T4E became the EFQM country representative and connected to international organisations which are role models for management practices. T4E has participated in international assessments, good practice visits and specialist working groups. We actively participate in advancing the management discipline, by participating in developing the 2020 version of the EFQM Model. We run an ANC accredited courses for developing entrepreneurial competences of participants.

QUALITY EDUCATION. T4E has outstanding education competences, including teaching methods, curricula and course content. We continuously improve the 50+ courses which we have developed and offer to young people. Curricula covers from personal development courses to business excellence training for internal and external business assessors.

DIGITAL TOOLS. T4E is an ANC accredited course provider of digital competence courses for young people. We use an internal electronic library and a Moodle platform for sharing educational resources with our staff, youth and youth workers in our network.

DISSEMINATION AND VISIBILITY. T4E developed our own website and social media presence and participated in 50+ events in 2018. We designed dissemination strategies and marketing campaigns for our projects and activities. T4E extensively used data analytics and search engine optimisation.

All of our projects and activities are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural learning, social inclusion and active participation. Our aim is to transfer our innovation, knowledge and experience at international level.

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