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Stichting Werken en Leren


The foundation develops projects in the social domain. Change, movement and innovation are key - the values of the two project managers and volunteers. The foundation mainly works together with social partners such as healthcare organizations, schools, NGOs and volunteering projects. The aim is to create projects with a strong influence on both working and learning, looking for opportunities in the working field and educational areas, care and well being. Especially people with a distance to the labour market have a priority.

The foundation is helping, training and preferably moving them towards self support in the areas of living, learning and working. Projects in the field of work and education, in The Netherlands and outside The Netherlands, based in Middelburg (South West of The Netherlands), one of the four shrinking areas of the Netherlands. (Stichting Werken & Leren = the Work & Learn foundation).

Our project managers do have a lot of experience with project in the social domain. Especially working with Erasmus+ program ‘Back to network’, and several exchange programmes. One of our members has experience in the area of feeding and clothing the poor, creating second hand toys - banks on medium scale. Coaching and training (young) people who want to develop as social entrepreneurs, is part of our skills and contribution to the project. We have developed knowledge in many areas of career possibilities, such as: project management, career coaching, writing and developing workshops and lessons, networking, setting up back office systems and projects in the field of digital skills, health care etc.

The foundation has an expertise in connecting education to the local labour market and is based in one of the four shrinking areas in The Netherlands in Middelburg. The role in KiNESIS is to bring expertise in entrepreneurial skills, to connect this shrinking area in The Netherlands to Frigento, connect their local educational institutes and network of SMEs to the KiNESIS consortium. Best practices will be transferred from these areas, from Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands into other parts of Europe.

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