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SPES Zukunftsakademie / SPES future acadmey


The SPES Zukunftsakademie (academy of future) is a non-party education centre and is financed by the non-profit SPES association and over 100 private partners. It's activities are for the benefit of today's society as well as for future generations. 40 members of staff work in the conference hotel as well as in five project teams on educational opportunities, projects and models in the fields of local municipalities & regions, sustainable management concepts, labour foundations and family & youth academy.

The project teams look at potential areas of conflict in our society with the aim to guarantee a good quality of life and sustainability for future generations. We are situated in a rural, disadvantaged area in Upper Austria. Nevertheless we have a good partner network within and outside our area and we continue networking in different topics.

The SPES Zukunftsakademie uses the ISO 9001:2000 quality system and is also certified with the Ö-Cert-Certificate as an adult education provider.

The SPES Zukunftsakademie has been working 20 years in many national and international projects as project submitter, advisor and project developer.

SPES Zukunftsakademie is a place to learn, and also a location for meeting, communication and innovation, where people think about the future, exchange experiences, are creative and aim to find new solutions which give hope and encourage proactive action.

SPES Zukunftsakademie will share its experience in projects. It will also share its experience in the field of staff training (also of managers) and its experience in the facilitation of development processes in municipalities, regions and businesses.

SPES has developed and carried out many projects concerning local developement and life-quality in rural areas and has profound knowledge in training people for sustainability and entrepreneurial thinking.

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