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Sopu Academy Oy


Sopu Academy Oy is a Finnish private education provider and education technology company focusing on soft skills development. Together with upper-secondary schools, universities, and companies, Sopu Academy design and provide high-quality hands-on learning solutions related to international communication skills such as teamwork, negotiation, mediation, and conflict management.

Sopu Academy Oy offers a wide range of educational solutions for;

  • Educators and other education sector professionals,
  • Upper-secondary school students (14-19 years old), 
  • University students,
  • Adults.

The complex global problems of today and tomorrow require highly effective international collaboration that takes all the stakeholders into account. Instead of maximizing the individual gain, Sopu Academy aims to bring a more sustainable problem-solving approach that emphasizes the comprehensive value for society, the environment as well as the individuals. 

Sopu Academy was founded in 2021 and is currently involved in KA220-HED project as a partner. The company also provides Erasmus+ KA1 Training Courses for Educators and online programs for high school students on International Negotiation Skills

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