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solar e.V. - soziales Leben und Arbeiten


Since 2011 the non-profit association solar e.V. gained experiences in the implementation of local and international projects in the field of political education. Methods and pedagogical approaches of non-formal education are our tools to work on our main topics as migration, flights & human rights; post-colonialism and (history of) global uneven distribution of resources, cultures of remembrance related to the East-West Conflict in Europe and nutrition, consumption and sustainability. The goals of our political education are:

  • Sensitize and raising awareness for the own (de-)privileged position in societies
  • Share knowledge to analyse and understand current political, social, economic and ecological conditions and their historical development
  • Raise & strengthen empathy for the living conditions of migrants, refugees and other people with fewer opportunities
  • Reflect how the own lifestyle contributes to living conditions in other parts of the world
  • Increase acceptance and tolerance towards different values, life plans and lifestyles (strengthen pluralistic civil societies)
  • Develop opportunities & strategies to get engaged in actions to fight discrimination, strengthen democratic values and to change the own consumer behaviour in a sustainable way

In our association solar e.V. are working paid staff members (educators, sociologists and political scientists), who get supported by several project-related freelancer and part-time volunteers. The whole team comprises around fifteen persons. The number of learners varies between 30 adult learners at international training courses and at least 10 participants joining our local seminars. Solar e.V. carries out different kinds of events, the target groups are mainly adults:

  • trainings for multipliers (social workers, pedagogues, facilitators) to facilitate interactive methods of non-formal learning and background knowledge to empower the facilitators and improve their work
  • seminars and workshops with multipliers and/or learners, mainly in the sector of adult education, but also in field of youth education to raise awareness for the situation of people with fewer opportunities and to gain knowledge to understand current social, ecological, political and economic situations and crisis
  • summer courses to organize an exchange on eye-level between people with and without migration and/or flight experiences on topics as civil society, (history of) non-governmental movements, differences and similarities in cultures of remembrances
  • events and courses to inform other organisations about funding opportunities on local, regional, national and European level and to support them in the application processes
  • conferences and network-meetings to exchange experiences, share knowledge and skills and to stay in contact with other organisations and facilitators who are engaged in political education

Solar e.V. is operating in our neighbourhood in the Northeast of Berlin, on local, national and European level.

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