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Social Action for Youth


Social Action for Youth (Acción Social por la Juventud-ASJ) is a pioneering organisation which initiates and implements projects of positive social impact, with a focus on social inclusion (particularly in the fields of entrepreneurship, migrant integration, empowerment, sustainable development).  ASJ is one of the leading institutions in Spain in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It founded and manages Galicia Web Radio & Web TV,  an educational centre and a community of organisations with cultural, environmental and social aims.  It also runs the SOCIAL CAFE, a unique initiative aiming at the empowerment of people with fewer opportunities.

Our main target groups/ beneficiaries are: youth, adults, elderly, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, NEET youth, women, people with fewer opportunities with and without disabilities.

ASJ runs exclusive Units on Social Entrepreneurship Support, VET and enterprise, Youth and adult learning, School Education, Migrant Integration, Research and Policy. Working closely with stakeholders across the country and Europe, we bring innovation, mainly through digital, online, and mobile tools, to enable the balance between knowledge (hard skills) and interpersonal skills and stimulate the employability of every individual.  We develop and implement innovative projects and provide new tools and methods that meet social needs, create social relationships and form new collaborations to prevent social exclusion of vulnerable groups.

As accredited VET educational institution and adult education provider, ASJ delivers trainings and develops educational materials relevant to social inclusion, entrepreneurship, global education, including activities to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (eg., equal rights, peace and conflict resolution, responsible consumption and production, sustainable cities and communities etc).

ASJ has also an extensive expertise in the Quality Assurance process by designing questionnaires, conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups; in the last decade, it has been the internal or external evaluator for more than 25 European projects funded by the European Union, the Norwegian Fund or the Government of Spain and Galicia Regional Government.

The ASJ team has advanced degrees in education, school psychology, social and political sciences, law, entrepreneurship and business development as well as  long experience in projects that tackle various social issues and provide new ideas towards sustainable solutions.

ASJ has over 15 years of experience in EU project management and in European cooperation. It has been working with European partners in developing and implementing projects of educational and social value in multiple fields improving the skills, knowledge and opportunities of the vulnerable groups and the general public. ASJ team has great experience in all the phases of the project life cycle  - from the project development to project evaluation.

ASJ is also an accredited VET and adult education provider developing and implementing projects that aim to strengthen the skills of VET trainers, adult educators and other professionals working with vulnerable groups such as migrants, refugees, youth and individuals with disabilities. ASJ has an extensive experience in the development of methodologies, educational materials and providing trainings. In this way ASJ can ensure quality content and results, such as MOOC and Handbook. Some of the relevant projects we are involved are:

  • Technical and Vocational Skills Development
  • A European Entrepreneurship VET Model and Assessment Framework for Ethnic Minorities (EVA)
  •  Work-VR: Piloting virtual reality for language in the context of employability
  • Career Management Skills – A New Literacy for Sustainable Employment (ACUMEN)

Design Thinking as a Means to Innovative Product Development in Adult Learning (D-Learning)

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