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Sivas Provincial Health Directorate is a public organization serving with 18 districts and 3 central hospitals. It has a staff of approximately 10,000 in total. Sivas Numune Hospital is the largest of our hospitals affiliated with our Directorate.

Sivas Numune Hospital, which provides health services within the Sivas Provincial Health Directorate under the Ministry of Health, in the center of Sivas, our province with a population of 636,121 located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey; It has a bed capacity of 1070 and is in the major status hospital in Turkey with approximately 250 physicians and 3500 health personnel. Inpatient surgery - internal service and polyclinic services are provided in the hospital. A center for the elderly will be opened in our hospital. The center will provide health services with social activities for the elderly and in this respect, it will be the first rehabilitation center in Turkey within the scope of our Ministry. In this center, in addition to inpatient health services and polyclinic services, elderly rehabilitation services, hospital schools, ergotherapy center, the elderly nursery will be located. It is envisaged that this center will serve with specialist healthcare personnel with state of the art technology devices in the field of geriatrics.

The aim of this project is to create a project target group for overseas activities in order to ensure the sharing of on-the-job observations and experiences and also the transfer of good practices of the training personnel, administrative personnel, hospital personnel working in Sivas Numune Hospital. Training personnel will evaluate the training program and curriculum put into practice by our partners in the overseas activities and will have the opportunity to compare the trainings carry out in Sivas. Administration personnel will reflect their experiences abroad in order to increase the quality of the services to be provided in the newly opened center. Hospital personnel in the target group will have the possibility to evaluate the emergency service, polyclinic service, intensive care service and delivery services in our partner institution that provides service for the elderly in overseas activities and especially the COVID 19 pandemic process.

With our project, it will be ensured our priorities such as increasing international cooperation with our partner institutions operating in the field of adult education; sharing experiences, mutually transferring innovative approaches and practices in addition to this increasing the quality of education and learning at the European level and also sharing them at local, regional, national and international levels.

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