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Serbian association of Andragogists


Serbian association of Andragogists (SAA) is voluntary, non-government and non-profit professional association, founded in 2010. It assembles all andragogists interested for affirmation of profession and promotion of Life Long Learning (LLL). SAA have more than 300 registered members, gathered on voluntary base, and is managed by Steering Committee with 7 members. SAA is situated in the facilities of the Institute for Pedagogy and Andragogy, at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade which is one of the main partners in SAA activities. 

Mission of SAA is: to contribute to development of civil society based on the rule of law, social justice, national and religious tolerance, activism of citizens and equal possibilities for all; to empower economically efficient society with competitive economy focused on development of knowledge and human capital; to promote learning society which includes a wide range of different organizations which provide quality education and learning and where individuals are oriented to learning, professional and personal development in every period of their lives.

Vision of SAA implies: building and promoting quality in adult education through establishment of quality system which is learners' oriented and based on principles of availability, transparency and efficiency;  developing professional capacities through creation of unique institutional framework for quality assurance in adult education; creating the nationally recognized organization for assessment of quality of adult educators.

SAA is fostering professional capacities to create unique institutional framework for quality assurance in adult education. Through certification of adult educators and quality assurance of adult education SAA will improve adult education profession and provision of adult education on national level. Using means of promotion of the improvement and evaluation of adult education, fostering professional collaboration among researchers and voluntary student organizations to conduct research and utilizing research findings in the field of adult education, SSA should have an impact on revision of education policy and promotion role of adult education in national economic life.  It is important to point out that improving people’s knowledge and adult education is major component in SAA programs. As education is a major factor of economic, personal and community development, SAA tends to establish closer link between business, government and civil sector. Within that endeavor SAA focuses on improvement of closer sectors’ interrelation which should reflect recognition that adult education can contribute solutions for current social issues. As adult education has an emancipator role, professional voluntary engagement of SAA members is focused on constant seek of the ways to increase the visibility of profession.

Having all mentioned in mind, in purpose to achieve its mission and vision, SAA sets following goals:

- Promotion of the concept of LLL and adult education; - Encouragement and development of professional, scientific and research activities in the field of andragogy;- Identification and promotion of professional standards and ethics in the in the field of adult education;- Development of training of adult education staff;- Improvement of professional communication among andragogists, informing members, exchange of ideas, continuous professional development, ascertain of profession adequately in society, contribution to science and research;- Establishment of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experiences with all relevant partners in the country and abroad;- Promotion of the profession of andragogists; - Promotion of andragogy as a distinct scientific discipline within the humanistic sciences.

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