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Samogitian museum "Alka"


Samogitian village exposition. On the south-western bank of Lake Mastis lies a mini open-air museum of the Samogitian village. In an area of 8,5 ha, household utensils, agricultural implements and pieces of furniture from the end of the 19th-early 20th c.The exposition in the buildings reveals the daily life and environment of peasants of that period. Museum presents a myriad of public programms including performances, reading, concerts, lectures, special events and workshops throughout the year. It has special educational programs for children, students and adults. Museum serves students from secondary schools not only in whole Lithuania , but also in 2012 took care of international scout organization. For more than 2000 children were educated in mini open air museum of the Samogitian village.

Buildings Today the exposition contains of 16 authentic buildings transferred from Samogitian villages. The buildings are grouped into four sectors: a large-scale farmer‘s homestead, a medium-scale farmer‘s homestead, a poor peasant‘s homestead, and the public sector.

Samogitian village exposition implementation began in 1965 and now it occupies 8.5 ha area with 16 authentic buildings transferred from Samogitian villages. It reflects the arrangement of buildings of the late 19th−early 20th century in Samogitian homesteads and the architectural style typical of this region. About 1000 exhibits are maintained in the homesteads of large−scale, a medium−scale farmer’s, poor peasants, the English−type windmill and the forge buildings. Also there are Samogitian horses surely enliven this representative area. Wide ranges of educational activities take place in Samogitian village exposition, where participants are introduced to the work, daily life, different holidays and habits of peasants at that period of time.

There are myriad educational programs not only for school children, but for grownups too. These educations can be divided into three parts: workshops that reflects the XIXth century and the end of the XX th century works and games, autumn works and games, winter holidays.

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