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Samogitian museum "Alka"


    The Samogitian Museum “Alka” is the main historical museum of Samogitia in Telšiai. It was established in 1932 and opened on 16th of February. The museum offers the most comprehensive exhibit of Samogitian cultural development in Lithuania. It also introduces the visitor to the natural sites of Samogitia, Samogitian daily life, and the rich heritage of Samogitian artists. The main collection was accumulated in Soviet times when Samogitian palaces and museums were nationalized and valuable paintings, sculptures, and other works of art made their way into the museum.

Right now museum consist of few more departments, there are main building Samogitian museum „Alka“, open air museum (only opens for summers season), Diocese museum in Varniai, and Rainiai sacrifice chapel.

As an institution, we provide myriad educational programs and tours in museum, not only for schoolchildren, but also for grownups, seniors and for mentally or physically handicapped people too.

We are looking for partners to exchange of good practice and to learn from each other about the ways of promoting traditional crafts among adults via crafts workshops.

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